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newwelcomepicture photo jezzysnowflowerdeviantart2_zpse79a16ed.png
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[JeZmInE x KeIiChI]


Jezzeiichi button photo jazzy6_by_shadougeofficial-d5zcl8x_zps1407749d.png

:heart:Thank you all for drawing them :heart:

Commission: Fields of Love and Roses by mino-the-catCM: Let me feed you... by ShadifyComm. Jezzy and Keiichi by Athena-TivnanPC_Jezmine_and_Keiichi by RainWaterfallsZoneComm3.3:. Jezminedevilhedgehog by MaidenOfTheBellsAnimation+COMM+JezmineXKeichi by ShiroStaR


Jezmine and Snowflower


:bulletorange: Jezmine the Devilhedgehog :bulletorange:

Jezmine or "Jezzy" is the daugther of Sparrow the Demondevil - he is the master of all evil. her mother was an Normal Angel her name was Monika.
Jezzy don't have the Dark powers of her vather or Lightnig powers of her mother.
She can controll the Black Fire and the Lightblue Ice.
she got the black flame from her ancestors an the Ice were in her gene.

Her husband is Keiichi the Devilhedgehog - the Devil of Lust (höhöhöh)
they have 3 childs - Cedirc, Sammael and Amber.

Jezzy is the Priest of Ice and Fire

Com: Black Fire by Dea-Chaos
Jezmine Button photo jazzy3_by_shadougeofficial-d5zcknl_zpsa689594c.png

:bulletblue: Snow Flower :bulletblue:

Snow flower is a Pegasi who lives nere the Neighagra Falls on a Lilly feeld.
she breeds a special white lilliy - these lillys only bloom on hearts 'n' hoofs day

she don't realy have firends because she lives alone and she only cames the long way to Ponyvile to sell her Lillys.

her Boyfirend is a Pegasi namend Sylon.

Request - Snow Flower by Doctor-G
SnowFlower Button photo jazzy2_by_shadougeofficial-d5zckhg_zpsdaef74c3.png

Groups ^.^



buttons and my icons


Jezmine Button photo jazzy3_by_shadougeofficial-d5zcknl_zpsa689594c.png

Soul Button photo jazzy1_by_shadougeofficial-d5zck27_zpsb5d4d095.png

Jezzeiichi button photo jazzy6_by_shadougeofficial-d5zcl8x_zps1407749d.png

Phoebe Button photo jazzy5_by_shadougeofficial-d5zcl00_zps853f51c8.png

Cookie Button photo jazzy4_by_shadougeofficial-d5zcktj_zps898c3c92.png

 photo jazzy7_by_shadougeofficial-d5zcldu_zps80e4b14a.png

SnowFlower Button photo jazzy2_by_shadougeofficial-d5zckhg_zpsdaef74c3.png

My Icons x3

i love to colect icons :dummy:

actual use:iconjezminebjartskular:

Smal one:
candyjezzy2 photo Jezzyklein_zps728fe1d4.gif jezzy icon 8 photo new_icon_for_jezmine_by_yasmin_the_bat-d4yoopa_zps12ba3ff3.png jezmine icon 6 photo Jezmine-Smirk-50-x-50_zpsf401a4a1.gif jezmine icon5 photo jezmien_icon_by_angelsugarsweet-d497xe1_zpse290d1af.gif jezmine icon4 photo icon_jezmine_caudia_brjaskular_the_devilhedgehog_by_kenothewolf-d4y76zd_zps86474780.gif jezmine icon3 photo icon_commission__jesmine_by_tritinthetenrec-d38ud3k_zps3a403feb.png jezmine icon2 photo comm_jezminedevilhedgehog_by_satoutenshi-d5t0xyo_zps4e9aaf94.gif jezmine icon photo 1_th_comission_for_jezmine_the_devilhed_____icon_by_nighteytheumbreon-d5030el_zps92463fbf.gif soultojezzy iocn photo __rq___soul_icon_by_psynyan-d5lgxih_zpsbb7a467c.gif jezzy icon photo __pc___pixel_icon_jezmine_by_luminous_lullaby-d5iml57_zps0b4ebac8.gif Cookie icon photo __pc___cookie_icon_by_psynyan-d518w8q_zps3be76b79.gif Phoepe Icon photo __cp___phoepe_icon_by_psynyan-d5dey9j_zpse4c69757.gif jezzy icon 7 photo JezzyIcon_zpsef8adf73.gif snow flower icon photo SnowIcon_zps3bed9d47.gif  photo jezzy_x_keichi_by_fumikomiyasaki-d67wbtt_zpsa69933b6.gif jezz photo jezmine_chibi_icon_by_sapphire_sketches-d3aeuuf_zpsa55ab108.png jezz2 photo jezmine_icon_by_blackdemon93-d4nvcqn_zpsb9a54d50.png jezz3 photo jezmine_icon_by_sapphire_sketches-d38zwka_zpsa092a876.png kev photo kev_icon_by_sapphire_sketches-d3a9k79_zps08c33bbd.png jezz4 photo pc__jezmine_icon_by_kenothewolf-d6227qt_zps19a7d772.gif cookie jezzy photo to_jezmine_the_devilhed_part_2_by_shadamy_luffer-d39s4hr_zpsb253db80.gif snowflowerkenoicon photo SnowFlowerICON_zpsc9333d7e.gif photo snow_flower50_by_ragnar95-d68zvsf_zps24e722b3.gif Jezzy butt icon photo butticon_zpsa227e89f.png  photo SnowFlowerButticon50x50_zps5e2947fd.png jezzyxkeiichiicon photo __jezminexkeiichi___by_kas_the_cat-d6bsmrl_zpsf4ba5af5.gif
kulleraugeeeeen photo snow_flower___icon_commission_by_princessdevin302-d6ca0yw_zps6ef4fb9b.gif blinki icon photo cm__snow_flower_icon_by_lilithina-d6cegha_zps833faddd.gif  photo anigif_by_xx_sonneillon_xx-d6dd4ik_zps8981639a.gifblushing jezzy photo anigif_by_xx_sonneillon_xx-d6ff9xf_zps75fa1c76.gifjezzyhalfblubb photo pc__jezmine_couple_icon_female_by_kenothewolf-d6uz9pq_zpsbffbebdd.gifkeiichihalfblubb photo pc__keichi_couple_icon_male_by_kenothewolf-d6uzcza_zps2541f3dd.gifJezzySoul1 photo icon_1_1_by_fumikomiyasaki-d6z09ih_zps29c25f7c.gifJezzySoul2 photo icon_2_2_by_fumikomiyasaki-d6z09j8_zpscbf6840c.gifJezzysoul3 photo icon1_3_by_fumikomiyasaki-d6z09k4_zpsd95c66a6.gifCookie1 photo cookie_icon_1_1_by_fumikomiyasaki-d6z0q7w_zpsa3a1aa8a.gifCookie2 photo cookie_icon_1_2_by_fumikomiyasaki-d6z0q95_zps7fc177d4.gifCookie3 photo cookie_icon_1_3_by_fumikomiyasaki-d6z0q9e_zpsfb1fc70f.gifjezzyblush photo avatar___jezminedevilhedgehog_by_kiki_the_cat-d6zv6nv_zpsab98e26b.gifjezzystreifen photo jezzyicon_zps215a1b23.pngBoobs photo Jezzy3_zpse92c04e0.png photo _COM_SnowFlower_zps81018958.gif photo snowflower_icon_kl_by_fumikomiyasaki-d76obe4_zpscb65b265.gif photo snowflower_icon_kl_2_by_fumikomiyasaki-d76obek_zpsc3323cec.gif photo Snowgoinginsanepixel_zpsdad8f596.gif photo jezmine_kein_by_ashleyshiotome-d7bkqag_zpsa5dcc10d.gif photo cp_pixel_jezmine_icon_by_kenothewolf-d7ce7x5_zps97a906d5.gif photo cp_pixel_keiichi_icon_by_kenothewolf-d7ce7w3_zps4dcea6c3.gif photo jezzy_x_keiichi_transform_icon_by_fumikomiyasaki-d7t1e8i_zps2b675de5.gif photo jezmineinsaneiconsmall_zpsbbe4bb23.gif photo jezminechibiiconsmall_zps99a6d98b.gif photo snowflower_icon_kl_by_fumikomiyasaki-d8l1gbf_zpsnswrrk9e.gif

Big one:
sexyjezzy photo __pc___jezzy_icon_by_psynyan-d5re29q_zps7d15c1a0.png sexy snow photo SnowFlowerSexyIcon_zps2ffe7d72.png jezyyyyy photo _pc__jezmine_icon_by_nighteytheumbreon-d5c99j1_zps3ce310a6.png
keiichi half photo pc__keiichi_icon_by_tamaracurien-d519776_zps9df005fc.pngjezzy half photo pc__jezmine_icon_by_tamaracurien-d519744_zps4a5aa07d.png jezzy derpface photo jezmine_the_devilhedgehog_by_flamewizardmon-d6btyrh_zpsc1795f38.png
Snow Flower derpface photo snow_flower_by_flamewizardmon-d6btyz2_zpsf79e6c37.png jezzeiichi photo __pc___di_jezzy_and_keiichi_by_psynyan-d5m82g5_zpsbc240f93.png
jezzyxkeiichijeeey photo comm_love_icon_by_rainwaterfallszone-d6coi7z2_zps70c7d997.jpgjezzy icon photo Jezmineicon2_zpsb8a99879.png  photo aurora_100x100_by_kenothewolf-d6pqdcl_zps0dbd4be2.pngicon photo jezmine_icon_by_fumikofreestamps-d6xvc24_zps1f59536c.gif photo jezmine_by_babygurlpolly-d7qjgp3_zps610c3932.jpg photo 1421706606086139000_zpswtgzeqvo.gif


:iconpinktotodile: :iconkoen1992: :icondennybutt: :iconkaramelkitty: :iconcandysheepart: :icontails-275: :iconevomanaphy: :iconfumikomiyasaki: :iconmarlenesstamps: :iconxpsynyanx: :iconsoundwave0mg: :icond0ndiscord: :iconmascimus: :iconflamewizardmon: :iconvanhorsing: :iconagoooow: :iconkenothewolf: :icontamarathet: :iconmilchwoman: :iconnougatuu: :iconrainwaterfallszone: :iconblissfulangel1994: :iconselfworthtraditional: :icondragonquesthero: :iconselfw0rth: :iconmetalatias5: :iconlinichanmi: :icondracheholy: :iconwiqqles:




Dedenne by GeoisEvil
I don't Care about....

- your race
- your gender
- your sexuality
- your religion
- the color of your skin
- your interests
- your age
- your art skill

... and so mutch more...

...when your a Good person, who said that you don't can be a Good friend?

because... a nice person remains a nice person, no matter in witch derection you looks.

My Love:iconagoooow:
My Best Friends :iconkiwismallz94:&:iconflamewizardmon:

Snow Flower by IAmADinosaurRARRR

all My Charas


Sonic chars

:bulletorange: Jezmine Claudia Bjartskular the Devilhedgehog
:bulletblue: Phoebe Hellywell the Bad
:bulletpink: Cookie the Hamster / Cyber Cookie
:bulletpurple: Keiichi the Devilhedgehog
:bulletorange: Cedric the Devilhedgehog
:bulletorange: Sammael the Devilhedgehog
:bulletred: Amber Monika the Devilhedgehog
:bulletyellow: Monika the Angelhedgehog
:bulletpurple: Sparrow the Demonhedgeog
:bulletblue: Cole the Hedgehog
:bulletgreen: Galbatorix the Hedgehog
:bulletpurple: Melody "Nightmare" the Demonangel
:bulletgreen: Ardoan the Devilhedgehog
:bulletpink: Faye the Angelcat (togehter with blissfulangel1994 )
:bulletgreen: Crystal the Witchhog
:bulletblue: Daria the Angelhedgehog
:bulletred: Sascha the Holyangelhedgehog
:bulletpink: Christina the Devilhedgheog
:bulletblue: Danny the Devilhedgehog
:bulletpurple: Lucy the Wolpertinger
:bulletorange: Sam the Devilhedgehog
:bulletgreen: Ritchie the rainbowangelhedgehog
:bulletpink: Juliet the Angelhedgehog
:bulletwhite: ying the Panda
:bulletblack: yang the Panda
:bulletblack: Razael the Fallen Angel
:bulletorange: Aras the Angelhedgehog
:bulletyellow: Anifa the Angelhedgehog
:bulletpurple: May the Angelhedgehog
:bulletblue: Sasha the Unicorn
:bulletpink: Luna the Darkness (together with Kiwismallz94)
:bulletyellow: Tenshi the Angel
:bulletgreen: Daky the Dessertfox
:bulletwhite: Ciaran Everdark the Hedgehog

:bulletblue: Snow Flower
:bulletwhite: Symphony
:bulletpink: Pumpkin Marta
:bulletorange: Saturn
:bulletpurple: Aurora
:bulletblue: Eras
:bulletpurple: Index
:bulletgreen: Minora
:bulletblue: Blue Morpha
:bulletred: Lilith
:bulletpink: Venus
:bulletblue: Night Poem
:bulletblack: Solan(um) Nigrum


:bulletblack: Blacki the Dragon
:bulletblack: Luzifer the Demonwulf
:bulletred: Zerberus the Lepuri
:bulletblue: Ocean the Pukaera
:bulletpurple: Marta the Gost
:bulletgreen: Mia the Chao
:bulletorange: Cookie the Dedenne
:bulletorange: Sammael the Shiny Dedenne

:heart: My offical Couples :heart:
own couples:

:bulletorange: Jezmine x Keiichi
:bulletyellow: Monika x Sparrow
:bulletblue: Cartamon x Aramon
:bulletblack: yin x Yang
:bulletred: Venus x Lilith

Couples with other:

:bulletblue: Snow Flower x Sylon (withFlamewizardmon)
:bulletblack: Blacki x Laruna (with:Milchwoman)
:bulletblue: Angel x Cole (with:blissfulangel1994)
:bulletpurple: Milena x Ayunet (with:Milchwoman)
:bulletpurple: Cookie x Sebastian (with:Milchwoman)
:bulletpurple: Vanessa x Ranon (withFlamewizardmon)
:bulletpink: Luna x Sammael(withKiwismallz94)
:bulletyellow: Thensi x Kev (withKiwismallz94)
:bulletblue: Phoepe x Turles (withKiwismallz94)
:bulletred: Amber x Yasuki (withKiwismallz94)
:bulletorange: Julian x Cedric (withFlamewizardmon)
:bulletgreen: Jewel x Ritchie (withFlamewizardmon)

:skull: 7 Devils :skull:

Leader: Sparrow the Demondevil

:bulletwhite: Ranon devil of greed
:bulletred: Christina devil of arrogance
:bulletorange: Sam devil of sluggishness
:bulletyellow: Danny devil of avarice
:bulletgreen: Ardoan devil of gluttony
:bulletblue: Ayunet devil of anger
:bulletpurple: Keiichi devil of lust

:bulletwhite: Priest: Yin the Panda

:damphyr: 7 Angels :damphyr:

Leader: Sascha the Holyangelhedgehog

:bulletblue: Tenshi angel of loyalty
:bulletpink: Juliet angel of love
:bulletgreen: Ritchie angel of laughter
:bulletblack: Melody angel of honesty
:bulletorange: Aras angel of courage
:bulletyellow: Anifa angel of kindness
:bulletpurple: May angel of generosity

:bulletblack: Priest: Yang the Panda



:heart: Thank you all for drawing them :heart:

Snow Flower and Sylon by Strumfreak (Commisson) SnowFlower x Sylon by Law44444
-com- Sylon x Snow Flower by Evomanaphy.:[PC]:. Snow Flower and Sylon by BubblestormX

my couple with :iconflamewizardmon:



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9:29 pm
Apr 22, 2015
2:35 pm
Apr 22, 2015
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Apr 22, 2015
12:38 pm
Apr 21, 2015
9:10 pm


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